Blessed Times Three

Amanda Minson and Tyler Dudenbostel have three children, all delivered in the water at Reedsburg Area Medical Center's Birth Center. Amanda’s labors have gone quite quickly. “The staff was fully prepared each time, easing my panicked state of mind and instantly making me feel comfortable. I felt as though I could relax and trust in my body’s own ability to deliver naturally and safely", she shared.

minson waterbirthAmanda especially liked the birthing suites at RAMC. Each suite is equipped with birthing balls, a large tub or walk-in shower, DVD player, CD player/radio, Bluetooth speaker, relaxation CDs, massage tools, dim lighting, and an adjustable thermostat. She said, “The birthing suites are beautiful, private, and serene.  They even offer essential oils for aromatherapy”. For families who would like, rooms with queen sized beds are available in the Birth Center for after delivery.

The Birth Center nurses are doula trained. This means they have extensive training in offering physical, emotional, and informational support to a woman before, during, and after childbirth to help her achieve her most satisfying birth experience. “I cannot say enough in praise of the entire RAMC staff. Everyone makes you feel truly acknowledged and understood. They respect your family’s personal preferences, choices, and concerns," said Amanda.

RAMC Birth Center offers a variety of options for labor and delivery. From waterbirths to epidurals and everything in between, the Birth Center is ready to help you succeed with the birth experience you desire.

Amanda has had three successful waterbirths at RAMC. “I highly recommend waterbirth to expecting mothers seeking a calm and serene delivery. I never thought giving birth could be such a beautiful experience. The care we have received from the RAMC Birth Center staff will forever be cherished by our growing family!” shares Amanda.

Pictured are Amanda and Tyler with their newborn daughter, Ariyah, delivered by Certified Nurse Midwife, Molly Ries.


To learn more about waterbirths, call the Birth Center at 768-6251.