Birth Center Offers Nitrous Oxide Option During Labor

The Birth Center at Reedsburg Area Medical Center is excited to be the first rural hospital in the area to offer Nitrous Oxide as a pain management option to laboring women.

Thanks to Partners of RAMC and the employees who contributed to the Employee Project Fund through the RAMC Foundation, the Birth Center was able to purchase Nitrous Oxide.

nitrousMegan Schumann was the first to use the new Nitrous Oxide option. She and her husband Tim delivered their second daughter, Willa Grey, on March 2nd, 2017 at 2:31 pm. With their first daughter, Sarah Mae, Megan used the waterbirth tub to help with her pain during labor. "This time I was able to use Nitrous Oxide for pain management. I could stay active and mobile while remaining completely present during my labor."

Women interested in using Nitrous Oxide during their labor and delivery should discuss with their primary care provider to ensure they are an appropriate candidate. Says Megan, "I would highly recommend it to any woman looking for a pain management option that allows them to remain active. It's great to have several options available. Thanks to all of the staff, including my midwife Deb Adams and Dr. Harris, my experience was 'Beyond the Expected'."

The Birth Center offers many options to laboring women including waterbirth, tubs for laboring, doula-trained nurses, aromatherapy, epidurals, music options, adjustable lighting, birthing balls, IV pain medication, and a wide variety of primary care providers including midwives and family practice physicians. Call the Birth Center to schedule your Nurse Navigator appointment to discuss your preferences and options.

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