Reach Out & Read Delivers Books to Families

Mothers and children attending a recent RAMC Milk Vine Breastfeeding Support Group and were happy to have 3 local volunteers from Reach Out and Read present information regarding the program here at RAMC.

milkvineAs you can see by their interest, the smallest attendees were also thrilled to receive free books for the occasion! The breastfeeding moms were praised for supporting infant brain development by giving breast milk for excellent nutrition along with encouragement for building brain connections by reading to their infants and young children every day.  

Reach Out and Read incorporates early literacy into pediatric practice, equipping parents with tools and knowledge to ensure that their children are prepared to learn when they start school. RAMC Physicians Group has been participating in the program since 2013. Families are given free board books at well child appointments from 6 months through 5 years old. Wisconsin has 173 programs within the state serving 84,821 children annually and has given out 155,712 books each year to families.

The Milk Vine @ RAMC on Facebook is an online support community for breastfeeding  and breast pumping mothers in the surrounding area initiated and administered by Jan Hasler, the Lactation Consultant and IBCLC at Reedsburg Area Medical Center. The group also has regular mother to mother support group meetings such as these pictured, on the 1st Thursday of the month from 10-11 am and the 3rd Thursday from 4-5 pm in the Birth Center Family Lounge.

Pictured, clockwise from center front is Baby Charlotte and her sister Addison; Rachel holding Baby Carson; Alyssa and Baby Chloe; Jan Hasler-RAMC's Lactation Consultant & IBCLC, Heidi Feller, Kris Houtler & Jodie Molitor from Reach Out and Read; Christian holding Baby Charley; and Jen with Baby Keegan.