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If your child is interested in babysitting please consider signing him or her up for an upcoming Safe Sitter class.
Safe Sitter® Facts
Safe Sitter® was founded in 1980 by Indianapolis pediatrician Dr. Patricia A. Keener after a colleague's 18­ month­ old choked to death while under an adult sitter's care. Troubled by the lack of educational programming for sitters and young adults, Dr. Keener developed Safe Sitter® as a medically accurate instructional program designed for young adolescents 11 to 13 years of age.

Safe Sitter® prepares young adolescents (tweens) for the responsibilities of nurturing and protecting children through hands­on training with medically­trained experts. We believe the successful completion of an educational program addressing these competencies should be a community standard for those who care for children. BETTER SITTERS TODAY. BETTER PARENTS TOMORROW.

Need for Training
Too little emphasis is placed on the responsibility of young adolescents when accepting a babysitting job. Most tweens lack the knowledge of first aid, rescue skills and behavior management techniques as well as the life experiences necessary for handling medical or household emergencies which might occur while caring for a young infant or child.

Safe Sitter® Courses
All sites registered to teach Safe Sitter® utilize only Safe Sitter®­trained Instructors, ensuring compliance with teaching methodologies and a quality educational experience for students. Prior to course completion, students must demonstrate acceptable skills in the care of a choking infant or child, and pass a written exam proving mastery of key concepts.

RAMC teaches Safe Sitter® Basic - a 6 1⁄2­hour essential curriculum designed for busy schedules. It includes Babysitting as a Business, Success on the Job, Child Care Essentials, Safety for the Sitter, Injury Management, Preventing Problem Behavior, Care of Choking Infant, and Care of Choking Child. It introduces Preventing Injuries and Behavior Management.
For more information or to register for an upcoming classes call Chris or Jodie 768-6245