Surgery Center Focuses on Little Patients

RAMC Surgery Center has been diligently focusing on what we can offer our pediatric patients.

When a pediatric patient arrives in the surgery center for a procedure, they are apprehensive. Think of how we feel as adults going to a place where we do not know anyone, and unsure of what the procedure is. Most children trust very few people in the hospital setting and most of us build that trust as we age. Our goal here at the surgery center is to make our pediatric patients feel... at home, and trust they are in good hands! When the child is ok, so are the parents!

We now offer our pediatric patients a wagon ride to the operating room, a toy from the treasure chest, and stuffed animal with their own personal wrist band. With a heartfelt thank-you to the Reedsburg Area Medical Center Foundation, we are so excited to have purchased our new touch screen cindy rulandTouch2Play system to offer the pediatric patients! This unit provides many games for children to play with just the touch of a fingertip! This unit will help our pediatric patients relax and have a fun experience! The parents/guardian will be able to play with their child making the child and parent/guardian more comfortable with the surgical process! We continue to pursue our goal of excellence meeting patients’ expectations and knowing patients and visitors are satisfied when leaving our RAMC Surgery Center.

Pictured: Cindy Ruland, Ambulatory Care Tech, watches as a little friend tries out the new Touch2Play system.