Farmers Market at RAMC

Hands Veg W

Fridays spring through fall
11am - 2pm
Hospital front lawn

Past vendor items include fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, herbs, plants, wood baskets, hand craft items, honey, maple syrup, canned soups and veggies, and more!


For Vendors - Reedsburg Area Medical Center Farmers Market Rules
  • Market is open Friday, 10am – 3pm. Do not begin set up earlier than 8:30 am and please take down at 3pm.
  • Market is open May – October, depending upon weather and lawn conditions
  • Be courteous to all vendors by setting booths up so they do not block or interfere with other booths.
  • If you have a tent, please be courteous and not set your tent up under trees. Allow those vendors without tents to set up under trees to receive shade.
  • Please do not drive on the lawn.
  • Please move your vehicle after set-up to accommodate visitors and patients. If parking is available in the furthest row closest to Dewey Ave of the Physicians Group parking lot, feel free to use it. Street (Dewey Ave) parking is allowed but it does block the view of the market for potential customers and it does make it difficult for people driving out of the parking lots, to see traffic.
  • Please be sure what you are selling meets all current laws as random inspections are occurring and welcome.
  • Note that every seller is required to be transparent. All vendors must display farm/home name and physical location, contact phone number, and/or email. If what you are selling is not your own, you must display where produce was grown. This information must be displayed as a large, readable sign and/or individual slips given at each purchase.
  • No consumable food products can be placed on the ground.
  • Any arts/crafts items sold must be hand made.
  • Reedsburg Area Medical Center does not have a liability for market vendors, or for what you’re selling or for those purchasing from you.
  • Restroom facilities are located inside of the hospital.
  • RAMC Farmers Market is promoted via radio, newspaper, social media and is listed on the USDA website as an official market.
Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and dedication to the health of our community. If you have any questions please call Carla at 768-6246 or email at