Birth Stories

Personal birth experiences shared by families that allowed us to walk with them on their very unique and miraculous journey.


Classic Rock & babies...
kmarien birthTalk about being outnumbered! Kevin Marien knows this all too well. He lives with his wife, Katie, and their 4 daughters.

Kevin and Katie delivered their 4th girl, Meredith, on December 13th, 2016 at RAMC Birth Center. She joins big sisters Caroline (age 6), Cecilia (age 4) and Harper (age 2) at home. All four girls have been delivered by Debbie Adams, Certified Nurse Midwife. Harper and Meredith were delivered by cesarean section with the help of Dr. Kevin Hibbett. Per Katie, "We were so glad Dr. Hibbett was able to perform both of our c-sections. He made us feel so at ease with both deliveries, and we love his choice of music in the operating room- classic rock!"
Pictured is Katie with Dr. Hibbett

The Sweetest Delivery
RAMC's Birth Center and Dr. Deanna Benish delivered the sweetest valentine vday baby 17any parent could get…a baby! 

Zachary and Celia Zenman welcomed Peyton Grace into the world on Valentine's Day at 8:27 am.  She weighed 9 pounds, 4 ounces and was 21 inches long.  "Thank you Dr. Benish and the Birth Center staff for delivering us our perfect valentine!"

Pictured L-R: Dr. Deanna Benish, Celia holding Peyton Grace and Zachary Zenman.


Lucky Friday the 13th!
Jessica and Gabriel Riviere knew from the beginning that Dr. Koontz and RAMC were their #1 choice in caring for their growing family.

riviere fam dr. koontzJessica shared, "I was born at RAMC Birth Center (then Reedsburg Memorial Hospital, OB Department) in 1984. Dr. Robert Koontz and Dr. James Clay delivered me. I have always been pleased with Dr Koontz's medical care and he has remained our family MD. Once we knew we were ready for children, we made it our goal to have Dr. Koontz care for me and deliver our child. Huxley was delivered by Dr. Koontz and Dr. Klingbeil on Friday, the 13th of January, 2017. Coincidently, we found out we were pregnant on Friday, the 13th of May! His delivery completed the circle of life. For our family, ‘Friday, the 13th’ is our lucky day."

Shown in the picture (L-R) are Dr. Robert Koontz, Jessica and Gabriel Riviere and Huxley Bowie Riviere


The Best Laid Plans
Even the best laid plans can go awry.  Jessica and Derek Nelson know this all too well. 

Three years ago Jessica was scheduled to have a cesarean section to deliver her first child, Jossalyn,mom jessica and family because she was breech (feet or buttocks first rather than the head).   A week before she was scheduled to deliver, Jessica's water broke and Jossalyn made an earlier-than-planned appearance.  With her next pregnancy, Jessica opted to have another cesarean birth at RAMC to deliver their son, Dalton.  "We knew after having our daughter at RAMC that we wouldn't want to deliver anywhere else!"

Jessica's delivery date was planned, but a few days before she was scheduled for her cesarean, she went into labor.  "Even though we came in to the hospital during the very late hours of the night and needed a c-section before our planned date, none of the staff seemed bothered to get called in.  They made us feel welcome from the minute we walked in, until we walked out a few days later!" 

RAMC’s Birth Center is equipped with its own surgical suite right in the department.  Dr. Eric Klingbeil and Dr. Kevin Hibbett perform the cesarean sections at RAMC with the assistance of the family practice physicians.  Derek was able to join Jessica in the Birth Center surgical suite during the cesarean.  He took pictures and was able to touch baby Dalton right away.  The nurse swaddled him up and Derek was able to help Jessica hold him on her chest. "We were once again very impressed by every employee that cared for us.  Every question we had was answered promptly and any need we had was taken care of immediately."  

Whether the birth of your baby goes according to plan, or your little one makes a surprise entrance, The Birth Center at RAMC is prepared to care for you in any circumstances!

~ Jessica Nelson


Blessed Times Three
Amanda Minson and Tyler Dudenbostel have three children, all delivered in the water at Reedsburg Area Medical Center's Birth Center.

Amanda’s labors have gone quite quickly. “The staff was fully prepared each time, easing my panicked state of mind and instantly making me feel comfortable. I felt as though I could relax and trust in my body’s own ability to deliver naturally and safely", she shared.

minson waterbirthAmanda especially liked the birthing suites at RAMC. Each suite is equipped with birthing balls, a large tub or walk-in shower, DVD player, CD player/radio, Bluetooth speaker, relaxation CDs, massage tools, dim lighting, and an adjustable thermostat. She said, “The birthing suites are beautiful, private, and serene.  They even offer essential oils for aromatherapy”. For families who would like, rooms with queen sized beds are available in the Birth Center for after delivery.

The Birth Center nurses are doula trained. This means they have extensive training in offering physical, emotional, and informational support to a woman before, during, and after childbirth to help her achieve her most satisfying birth experience. “I cannot say enough in praise of the entire RAMC staff. Everyone makes you feel truly acknowledged and understood. They respect your family’s personal preferences, choices, and concerns," said Amanda.

Amanda has had three successful waterbirths at RAMC. “I highly recommend waterbirth to expecting mothers seeking a calm and serene delivery. I never thought giving birth could be such a beautiful experience. The care we have received from the RAMC Birth Center staff will forever be cherished by our growing family!” shares Amanda.

Pictured are Amanda and Tyler with their newborn daughter, Ariyah, delivered by Certified Nurse Midwife, Molly Ries.


Truly Amazing Staff

 "A very big thank you to the nurses and midwives at the RAMC Birth Center.  You ladies are 1amazing at your jobs and made us feel like we were right at home. Thank you for taking care of us; you all are truly amazing women. Even if you weren’t there when we delivered, thank you so much for all you do." 
~ Khrystyna Goodman-mom to Owen


Soothing Water Birth Experience
abbie jo waterbirth

"My waterbirth experiences at RAMC's Birth Center have far exceeded my expectations for smooth and comforting deliveries.  The soothing water and freedom to move about released my anxiety and let me concentrate on allowing my body to bring my baby into the world.  The Birth Center nurses and staff are a one-of-a-kind, special team that go out of their way to provide you with the support and resources needed for the gentlest birthing experience."

Pictured are Abbie Jo and Andrew with baby Nellie Jo
born 01/10/15 at 0607 by waterbirth with midwife Deb Adams


Proud Grandma says, "Thank you!"

ondersma w.jpgThank u Doctor Ondersma, and the awesome nursing staff at the birthing center during my daughter's delivery on November 7th. Pat, Pam and Myra, for your amazing bedside manner! During these harsh and troubled times it means soo much to have an extra smile, an extra hug, or just a warm friendly comforting hand to hold. You ALL did each and every one of these things, above and beyond the call of "DUTY" to comfort my daughter and our family during her labor and delivery, and I want to Deeply Thank you.Doctor Ondersma, a special thanks for your unselfish, time giving, delivery of my grandson, and the extra time dedicated to my daughter's easy recovery, Especially the "NO EPISIOTEMY", from your extra time!!!! HOOT HOOT U ROCK! and Pat your massages were more than words can describe and really appreciated!!! and Myra, thanks for filling in with a smile to boot, so your teammates could take a break. Pam you went from baby gooey sterile gloves to white glove dining service in a matter of moments! I have owned Princess catering for 15 years and have never come close to doing that !!!( Yes, a lil advertisement for me too ) if you ever will allow me to make a loving food memory for your staff or family, to return the favor, give me a shout! Point being YOU ARE ALL AN AMAZING TEAM!!!!! Keep up the good work! and Thank you from a really proud and grateful Mom and Grandma !!! ~ Deanna