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Erik Schmidt
You are always there to solve problems. In this instance, we had an issue with a lack of medical device noticed at 5 pm, needed at a 7:30 am case the next morning. Luckily, with your quick action, you drove to Sauk Hospital, picked up the device and had it available for the surgery!  As usual, you continue to go the extra mile for RAMC and its patients.
Nominated by Dr. Wood, March, 2018

Nikki Kurth
As you were leaving for the day, I asked you to check the equipment for tomorrows first case.  We both looked and realized there wasn’t any device for the surgical case.  Immediately and without hesitation, you began the phone search.  Luckily Erik was able to procure the device in time so as not to delay the patient and her scheduled surgery.Thank You Nikki!
Nominated by Dr. Wood, March, 2018

Doug Mittlestaedtw

Doug Mittelstaedt
A voicemail was received from an ER patient. She stated that after leaving ER, she found her car battery dead and her hood frozen shut. The maintenance person, Doug Mittelstaedt, saw her and stopped to help. He got her hood open and jumped her car. She was very grateful and wanted to be certain we recognized him for this.
Nominated by a patient, March, 2018

Pat Visgarw

Pat Visgar
Recently at a tenant council meeting, several of the tenants spoke about how well Pat treats those she serves. Specifically they talked about how she is always bringing in homemade treats to share with the tenants.  In the tenants words, they say that she “spoils” them! Pat is constantly going above and beyond what is expected in her role. Both the tenants that she serves and the facility leadership greatly appreciate her dedication to enriching lives every day. Thank you Pat for always going beyond the expected!
Nominated by Ryan Shear, March, 2018

Kim Schultz  
I am nominating this person because:
There was an appointment made for a patient with VA insurance to see Dr. Weber, post ER for a heel fracture.  We discovered that the VA wouldn’t allow the patient to be seen here, (wanted the patient seen in Madison) but were unsuccessful in reaching the patient at home to let them know this, due to not having a phone.  The patient showed up for the appointment, having walked most of the way (miles) on crutches, only to have to tell him that he couldn’t be seen.  I decided that I wasn’t gong to let the patient leave without being seen, due to the circumstances of his situation.  The patient shared with me how his life has been troubled lately and how he had fallen on hard times.  I assured him we would take care of him and make sure his care was set up before he left.  Corinne Busser went over to the cafeteria and purchased breakfast for him as well as lunch to take back home.  Melissa Bulin used her own money to purchase him a Trac Phone and a card with extra minutes so he could be reached for appointments.  This was given to him before he left the appointment.  Kim Schultz had a taxi service card with $28 on it that she gave to him so he could get back and forth to appointments and not have to walk so far on crutches to get to the places he needed to go.  In the end we were able to keep the patient care here, get the patient insurance and make sure we were able to communicate with him for future appointments.  These girls went above and beyond in my opinion to make sure that someone who had fallen on hard times was taken care of and received the care that they needed.  I’m so proud to work with such caring people!
Nominated by Kelly Hamburg, March, 2018

Dr. Mary Beth Shear
I am nominating this person because:
Dr. Mary Beth Shear took a considerable amount of time on a Saturday to speak to the newspaper about the influenza outbreak.  Thank you Dr. Shear for helping education the general public!
Nominated by Carla Mercer, February, 2018

ER Teamw

ER Team
I am nominating this person because:
In the early morning hours in January, my family showed up at RAMC ER waiting for my mother-in-law’s ambulance to arrive.  The ER staff placed us in the family lounge to wait.  Dr. Conwell received the call that my mother-in-law passed away in-route.  I asked him to wait to inform the family until two more family members arrived.  Once everyone was present, Dr. Conwell informed the family as a group to her passing.  Then the entire ER Team took care of our 11 family members as we tried to process our loss.  I feel grateful for the entire ER team that morning went ABOVE and BEYOND since technically my  mother-in-law was never registered as a patient.  Their care and concern they provided my family during our time of loss was extraordinary.  
Nominated by Susan Brill, January, 2018

GBE Larry Hamburgw

Larry Hamburg
I am nominating this person because:
I am nominating Larry for helping me with what could have been a very stressful morning.  When I arrived to work with a flat tire, Larry not only helped me fill my tire up, but he followed me to the auto repair shop to make sure I made it safely AND gave me a ride back to the hospital so I could make my shift.  I am so grateful for his help and truly think he exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond!
Nominated by Hannah Crary, February, 2018

Terri Connors GBE W

Terri Connors
On her first day back from vacation in late September, Terri Connors, Employee Health nurse was requested by Infection Control to implement influenza vaccination of the entire Reedsburg Area Medical Center staff and volunteers now instead of the planned, scheduled clinics in late October.  This request was in response the WI DPH alert that influenza had arrived in WI.
It should be noted that influenza vaccination of our staff and volunteers (around 750 people) requires a great deal of planning, scheduling, coordinating, paperwork and supplies.  This is no small task and most employee health nurses would have crumbled at the request to move up vaccination of so many people.
But not Terri, she simply stated she could certainly do this.  Terri stated she had the supplies, paperwork, vaccine, posters, all ready to go before going on vacation.  Terri quickly jumped into action by setting up mobile vaccine carts, vaccine stations at various clinic and nursing units for staff to vaccinate each other, plus engaged MATC nursing students to help with vaccinating our staff in the employee health department.
Additionally our Nursing VPs, Linda Olson and Teresa Fields, jumped in to ensure our entire RAMC campus was quickly vaccinated.  They helped Terri with the logistics of vaccination stations, designated vaccinators, and MATC nursing students to assist in vaccination.  Plus they issued an Administrative Directive that influenza vaccination must be completed by 10/11/17.
While influenza vaccination of our staff and volunteers was seamless and well organized to the rest of us….I know how much work this required.  This success this was due to Terri’s can do/will do positive attitude and organizational skills.  Terri went beyond the expected to ensure RAMC is a safe place for our patients, residents, visitors, volunteers and staff.
Nominated by Peg Dobrovolny, January, 2018

Deb Lange GBE W

Deb Lange
Bought yarn with your own money and in your spare time you made scarves for patients in need in the ER/UC. Thank you so much for thinking of others, and for being so generous. Your wonderful donation will warm others in the cold weather and will warm all of our hearts when we give them out. Thank you for being such a good role model for compassion and etiquette.
Nominated by Carment Mihlbauer-Luther, December, 2017

Bryan P GBE W

Bryan Padberg
I am nominating Bryan Padberg for going beyond hte expected in his work with several community dinners over the past several years, with one coming up on Wednesday, October 25 in LaValle. He does the work for these dinners on his own time, even taking vacation days when the events fall on weekdays. His commitment to these projects over the years shows his dedication to his community and reflects well on RAMC.
Nominated by Heather Kennedy, October, 2017

John D Gbe W

John Dzeiwor
On a Friday night at 5:30 pm, orders came down from the floor for multple MRI exams on a new ER admission. MRI is staffed Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm. I called John and informed him of the multiple exams. Rather than making the patient wait until Monday for his testing, John came in on Friday night to scan the patient and completed the exams before the Hospitalist left for the day. The Hospitalist was very pleased by this voluntary gesture. The patient was discharged the next day. John saved the patient 2 extra days of waiting in the hospital for his testing.
Nominated by Nate Crook, November, 2017

Marsha Maggie Gb W

Marsha Sanders and Maggie Kahler
Marsha came in on a Saturday and Sunday to give one of their patients an injection to help improve his neutrophil count. This patient is waiting for his chemotherapy to be finished so that he can have a procedure that will greatly improve his quality of life. Because his blood counts were low, his therapy was extended and he was very upset. Marsha coordinated with pharmacy to order the medication and volunteered to come in over the weekend to start the patient’s course right away to improve his counts. Marsha certainly went above and beyond for this patient.
Maggie has also recently been doing the same for this patient, also going above and beyond.
Thank You, Marsha and Maggie!
Nominated by Courtney Rudisill, August, 2017

 GBE Sosinsky W

Vickie Sosinsky
Going above and beyond daily clinic practices and saving a patient’s life! We have a patient who comes to clinic 2-3 times per week and has been doing so for 2 years due to the severity of his wounds. Recently he missed 2 appointments in one week. Vicki acknowledged this was very abnormal for him and called him after the 2nd missed appointment. During this conversation, she picked up on the fact that he seemed confused and not his normal, jovial self. While creating the phone note, she noticed there was a note in from his daughter asking his PCP to call them back immediately regarding medication changes the patient had been making and some resulting confusion. She then called the patient back and he did not pick up his phone. After calling him 3 more times, she told me what was going on and how concerned she was. We agreed the Emergency Contact should be notified and that he needed to be checked on or an ambulance should be called. Vicki followed through with this phone call to his daughter. As a result, the patient was brought in by ambulance to the Reedsburg ER. He was intubated and transferred to the UW Hospital. Vicki saved his life by acknowledging his behavior was abnormal and then taking the necessary steps to get him quick, life saving help. Thank You!! 
Nominated by Jennifer Nale & Kelly Hamburg, July, 2017

Shean Severson
When calling the surgery crew in for a stat cesarean section, we could not get ahold of the surgical tech on call because he was already in another case. I called Shean (who wasn’t on call) and without hesitation, she said “I’ll be right in”. She left her child’s baseball game to come in to help with our emergency. This exemplifies her dedication to RAMC and to patient safety and quality care.
Nominated by Erin Nachreiner, July, 2017

Gong Beyond Ruth Ann G

Ruth Ann Gundrum
I am nominating this person for taking the initiative to see a need and fill it. She was doing her regular volunteering and in speaking with staff heard that the hats they provide for chemo patients are too warm and uncomfortable for summer time. Ruth Ann took it upon herself to make many lightweight hats/wraps that can comfortably be worn even when it’s hot out. She refused any reimbursement and just wanted them given to those that need them. Ruth Ann is a true example of a shining star in our Volunteer Department. Thank you Ruth Ann for all you do!! 
Nominated by Jodie Molitor, November, 2017

GBE Sue Luck W

Sue Luck-Johansen
I am nominating this person because:
Sue Luck saved the lab in a freezer emergency! The Plasma & control freezers both went down on the same day. She went home and with her husband’s help brought her old freezer from her basement for the lab to use. She went above and beyond!
Nominated by Kate Kowalke and Hope Ely, August, 2017


Linda Olson and Teresa Field
Linda - We had a very busy shift in the Birth Center. As soon as Linda knew that we had 3 in labor and 4 moms and babies, She came right up to see what she could help with. Linda recognized the need for more assistance and changed into scrubs and provided the OB staff working with an incredible calming presence. She assisted with the relocation of patients and preparation of rooms for the next patient. She was there to help anyone with questions, answer phones and provide that extra resource that we needed that day. We are so grateful to have a CNO who is willing to change into scrubs and work the floor alongside her nurses.
Thanks for all you do Linda!!!GBE Linda Teresa W

Teresa - Being willing and able to assist the birth center during a very busy shift. We needed another OB nurse as we had 3 in labor. Due to vacations during the summer, it was difficult finding additional help. The house supervisor called Teresa as a last resort. At the time, we didn’t know Teresa took that day off to be with her girls. Teresa went beyond the expected and rearranged her plans with her daughters and came in to help us out during our time of need. Teresa assisted with the 3rd labor patient and was also the 2nd delivery nurse during the time she was here. It was so nice of Teresa to change into scrubs and work alongside the birth center staff. We are so lucky to have Teresa and Linda as our CNOs. They see the whole picture and are very accountable to our organization.
Thanks for all you do for all of us!!!
Nominated by Pam Dregney, August, 2017

Stacey Kulas WStacey Kulas
On a Friday afternoon PG phone lines were not allowing calls outside and a newly diagnosed elderly diabetic was unable to obtain testing supplies because it required a prior authorization which we were unable to get to pharmacy due to phone line issues. Stacy drove to the pharmacy and dropped off the prior authorization and then drove to patient’s home and dropped off enough samples for this patient to get through the weekend. This is the true meaning of “Always there, going beyond the expected to provide compassionate, quality and efficient healthcare!”  
Nominated by Jodie Baker, July 2017

Sandy W

Sandy Herritz
She has taken work phone calls from home and even come in multiple times to help/respond for the pharmacist-on-call. Recently, she came in one night to mix an IV for a patient, and on a weekend, she came in to retrieve a patient’s home meds from the pharmacy and return them to the family. This is not an expectation of pharmacy technicians and neither of these situations arouse because of something Sandy did wrong, but she still did not hesitate to help out.  
Nominated by Courtney Rudisill, July 2017

Bilek Thieler GBE WLori Theiler and Steve Bilek
A couple of weeks ago, on a Monday night I had gotten ready for bed. Shortly after, I felt very ill (with terrible gastrointestinal issues). I was getting very weak, so I called 911. I was taken to RAMC’s ER and they said I have Norovirus & the next morning Lori came into my room and told me her & Steve were going to clean my home for me after they finished work that day. I was so happy (and surprised) to hear that! I have always cleaned up after myself, but, sometimes just can’t. Thank you Lori & Steve for helping me!  
Nominated by Pat DeBaets, July 2017

Paulette CummingsPaulette Cummins
So, I nominate Paulette for, each year, spearheading the Thanksgiving Dinner Drive which consistently grows to, this year, serving 94 families in need. Thank you Paulette, for all of the organizing you do, working with internal staff and external partners, to make this program the huge success that it is!  
Nominated by Carla Mercer, April 2017


Dawn Bodendein, Jen Nale, Kelly Hamburg, Vickie Sosinsky

Jen Nale Etc

They recognized that a patient and family were suffering from some hardships. They spearheaded making meals, getting and wrapping Christmas gifts for the entire family, obtaining clothing and necessary house hold items. This act of kindness has spurred many, many others including both the Physicians and Specialty Group Clinics, who have come together and chipped in the help this family. What a beautiful gesture!  
Nominated by Carla Mercer, March 2017


Nicole Kurth
Without hesitation, you volunteered to deliver an iceman machine to a patient’s home near Mauston after your shift. The patient had surgery early in the day and was ready for discharge at 9 am.
We were out of the iceman machines, but more were being delivered at noon. You knew that having this machine was best for the patient, and you made it happen!  
Nominated by Amy Bartels, March 2017

GBE Award Nichelle WNichelle Degner
When Nichelle saw that the folders the volunteers use to hold patient lists were getting very old & worn, she took it upon herself to go out and purchase new ones. Then after fixing the problem she told me of what she had done, in case I wanted to purchase different ones. I highly appreciate her taking the incentive to fix a problem that she saw and not just shuffle it onto someone else. We need more people with Nichelle’s foresight & caring! Thank You!!  
Nominated by Jodie Molitor, March 2017


Mary Kw

Mary Kutka    
We had a patient that was brought in by ambulance and was treated in our ER. The patient was admitted for observation on MCC. When the patient/family left and went home the patient’s medications were not found. When they called to see if they were left behind at our facility, Mary looked, did not find them, so Mary quickly dressed into an isolation gown and gloves, went into the dumpster outside to look for them, Mary didn’t have to go into the dumpster, but did without hesitation. 
Nominated by Tracy Steffen, December, 2016


Emily PutzwEmily Putz 
Emily was behind a patient in the cafeteria line who was struggling with her debit card and decided to pay with a pouch of change. The patient was frustrated and embarrassed; Emily asked the cashier to include her own meal and Emily would pay for the patient’s meal. Emily is always eager to help!  
Nominated by Richelle Freng, November, 2016


Ryan WRyan Bohen    
One of our RAMC employees is off on FMLA with a serious illness. This employee is not able to leave her home due to her illness. Ryan has been assisting her with resolving issues with her short term disability. Ryan took necessary paperwork needed to employee’s home for completion. This extra effort on Ryan’s part will help alleviate frustrations being felt by employee during this trying time.  
Nominated by Jane Dorow, December, 2016


Bradley Award

Bradlee McBee    
Today at lunch an upset visitor was having difficulty with her credit card not going through to pay for her food. Bradlee was behind her in line and volunteered to pay for this visitors food. The visitor was upset with the circumstances of her visit with a sick loved one and this relieved some of her burden. When I asked the cashier who paid for this woman’s meal, I was told that earlier today the same thing had happened (with another visitor). It is this kind of simple kindness that makes RAMC a welcoming and supportive environment for our community members. I do not always hear about incidents of this kind and wanted to recognize two outstanding co-workers for their compassion.  
Nominated by Heather Kennedy, November, 2016

Melissa Bulinw

Melissa Bulin    
I would like to nominate Melissa for going out of her way after work to drop off some paperwork to a patient at this patient’s home. The paperwork provided patient with information to get assistance with her medical condition and in turn would prevent the patient from further complications with her current condition. Since Melissa was not able to connect with patient thru her phone.  
Nominated by Joan Graff, November 14, 2016


Kathleen Kim Hornerw

Kathleen (Kim) Horner, RN    
You recognized that a patient was unable to call or bring in her home blood sugar readings. You went above and beyond by going to her house and meeting her in the parking lot to get these important numbers from her. Thank you for making a difference in patient’s lives.  
Nominated by Katie Kopp, RN, November 21, 2016





Dr. Chrabaszcz     Chrab2w
On behalf of the nursing staff and residents of the Sauk County Health Care Center, we would like to commend Dr. Chrabaszcz on his willingness to make special arrangements for the residents of the Sauk County Health Care Center. There have been situations that for a resident to travel to the clinic for their appointment, would have caused them great discomfort or burden and Dr. Chrabaszcz put in the extra effort to keep them in their home and traveled here to see them. Dr. Chrabaszcz has always put the needs and best interest of his patients before himself. His thoroughness and compassion is a true asset to the Reedsburg community.
Most grateful, The Sauk County Health Care Center, November 2016

 KerriKerri Lentz   
Kerri showed exemplary customer service by coming in after business hours on her day off and before a holiday weekend to deliver a check to a very concerned tenant at the SLC. The tenant was very anxious to receive the check, and Kerri’s actions went beyond the expected to deliver excellent service. Thank you Kerri for making our customers a priority!  
Nominated by Ryan Shear, October 2016



Field Koontz

Koontz W







Erin Nachreiner, Teresa Field and Dr. Koontz
There was an emergent premature delivery in the Birth Center that was requiring extra staff. All 3 were not on call, however when contacted, rushed in during severe thunderstorms to assist the staff to ensure that the patient had the safest outcome. Their knowledge and expertise were greatly appreciated to all that were here. Their dedication to the Birth Center and to RAMC did not go unnoticed!   
Nominated by Lindy Fabry

 Darlene Fuller WDarlene Fuller  
Darlene was asked to help out in the Birth Center. We had 3 laboring moms and another mom who suffered a demise and another baby on phototherapy. Darlene always does a nice job helping OB with patient cares, etc. After Darlene received report for the day shift, she realized that our needs required another OB nurse. She called her daughter, Brianne Rice who is an OB nurse and volunteered to go home and watch Brianne’s children so Brianne could work in OB. Darlene ended up sacrificing 9 hours of her shift to help us safely care for our patients. Thanks for realizing our staffing needs and taking the action required to provide safe quality care to each of our laboring moms!   
Nominated by Pam Dregney, 07/19/2016

Erik Schmidt And Rita Daniels W

Erik Schmidt & Rita Daniels   After discovering that supplies weren’t being billed for a clinic, Erik and Rita went above and beyond to make sure we straightened it all out. They helped find codes, make billing stickers and also helped sort out some OR scheduling problems. None of this was their responsibility, but they stayed and helped anyway. It is people like this that make RAMC such a great place to work!  
Nominated by Jen Nale, 08/03/2016


GBE Award Jan H

Jan Hasler, RN, Lactation Consultant   Going beyond the expected with her job. Jan is an amazing resource for our staff, patients and the providers. Jan isn’t a full time employee, but she gives her phone number to patients so they can voice their concerns/issues/frustrations they may have with breastfeeding even when Jan isn’t in the office.
The patients feel very supported by this kind gesture. Evidence has shown that the more support a patient receives, the longer they will breastfeed which helps the patient reach their goals as well as TJC’s goal. Thanks for going above and beyond with supporting our patients/staff/providers! 
Nominated by Pam Dregney   July 11, 2016

Jodie Baker

Jodie Baker  
Patient was having difficulties with pharmacy not taking care of prior authorization for her insulin. Jodie then transferred PA to another pharmacy, but due to the mix up patient was very fearful it wouldn’t be delivered in time. Jodie took the time on her lunch break to go get the Insulin and delivered the medication to the patient. This is a true act of kindness.  
Jackie Rockweiler & Kyla Landsinger   July 6, 2016


 GBE Award Schad WDr. Schad  
"Dr. Schad & Liz Hank had a patient that needed surgery. The patient’s insurance company denied the surgery. The Friday (night) before the surgery Dr. Schad called the insurance company himself and was able to reverse the insurance denial and the patient was able to have the surgery that she needed. Because Dr. Schad went above and beyond for this patient, she was able to get the care that she needed. We need more providers like him!" 
Nominated by Katie Kopp & Elizabeth Hank PA-C  May 5, 2016

Dani Hanko

Dani Hanko, RN 
"I am nominating this person for offering to donate clothes for a baby girl that is going into foster care to help the parents get started. Her generous donation is appreciated and definitely goes beyond what is expected." 
Nominated by Pam Dregney  May 2, 2016




Dr. Hibbett  "During a blizzard you left the office to pick up a patient that was walking to the clinic to see you. She had gotten as far as a local store to warm up and without hesitation you told her to stay there and you would pick her up. I believe that went Above and Beyond!" 
Nominated by Valerie Fuller and Vickie Sosinsky  May 2, 2016




Tylor Schmidt 
Tyler Schmidt I am nominating this person for    ".....a family had a precipitous delivery in their vehicle on the way to the hospital. Needless to say, their vehicle was a mess. Taylor cleaned the vehicle for them which was definitely beyond the expected, but very much appreciated. I heard the family talking about how RAMC even cleaned their vehicle for them. Very impressive!" 
Nominated by Pam Dregney  May 2, 2016


Renee W

Renee Mead 
I am nominating this person for:  "Renee went above & beyond the expected to make sure a patient received their antibiotic. Not only did she call the ER (not RAMC) several times to see if he could get a medication that would be covered under his insurance, but when the person who was picking up the medication was unable to wait any longer to get a response from the ER, Renee volunteered to deliver the medication to Cazenovia so that the patient could get started on the antibiotic therapy....Thank you Renee!" 
By Diana Anderson  March 22, 2016

Sara Sussex

Sarah Sussek
I am nominating this person for:
 "Voluntarily offering to give a family a car seat (which included 2 bases).
The family delivered here from another state and the infant was too little to fit in the car seat that our hospital provides for those in need (from a grant). She went home, got her car seat and gave it to the family. They were so
 appreciative. We can’t thank her enough for going beyond the expected!"
By Pam Dregney   March 30, 2016


Chrabaszcz W

Dr. Chrabaszcz
I am nominating this person for:   "
I just wanted you all to know about an act of sincere kindness and compassion from one of the most caring Doctors I have ever known. Last Friday I donated blood as so many others also did. After donation and feeling full of energy with a snack of potato chips and orange juice, I went right to work at Housekeeping. Being a Friday I wanted to start on “extras”. So I worked on ceiling vents and lights for almost 2 hours. Which involved “looking up” pretty much of the time. Well, after finishing that task I started my regular cleaning, still felt great! Then I came across Dr. Chrabaszcz who was finished for the day, and leaving for home. We visited a few minutes, when suddenly I felt like passing out! He became very concerned, had me position my head down, and ran for a glass of cold water when I asked for it. He insisted on staying until I was okay, and had color back in my face. I felt really bad that I was keeping from going home because of my going over board and looking up too long after giving blood. Next time, I’ll know better. And, I’ll never forget Dr. Chrabaszcz’s act of kindness and compassion. At the time he was not seeing me as a patient, he simply acted out of sincere concern for my safety and well being. A thank you from the “heart” Dr. Chrabaszcz! Sincerely, Sally Luttropp
By Sally Luttropp   April 4, 2016

Wenninger WDr. Chris Wenninger
Dr. Wenninger was just flying into the airport on his way back from Hawaii and his patient texted him that she was in labor. Dr. Wenninger drove home from the airport and immediately came up to the birth center to check on his patient when he was technically still on vacation. The patient and her family were very appreciative that he came in on his vacation. He delivered their other 2 children so this meant a lot to them. Thanks to your dedication to the Birth Center and RAMC. Thank You!!
Nominated by Pam Dregney   March 29, 2016

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